The Iron Guerrillas

After losing his father to the Neminian Imperium, Ecelio and his mother joined the rebel army called the Iron Guerrillas. This group intends to take back their country from the violent Imperium zealots who are ruled by a ruthless and mystical dictator known only as Khaj. Guided by the former commander, Hallace, the Iron Guerrillas uncover a technological marvel of their country’s making. With the help of this device, along with the small northern Kingdom of Ailasea, the guerrilla resistance plan to liberate their people. But as with every rebellion, not all goes according to plan. The ruthless Imperium pursue the rebels relentlessly and scheme to put a stop to them forever.

From the imaginative mind of debut author Dustin K. Lowe, The Iron Guerrillas is a military steampunk adventure that is both gritty and alluring that will have readers glued to the pages.

Available in March 2020