Plump Little Matron with Wrinkles

An inspiring memoir recounting the generous life of Ruth Woods and her dream of starting a much needed senior housing project in Ohio which became known as the Civic Center. Experience her life that made history and shaped the community, recounted from the memories of her daughter.

Plump Little Matron with Wrinkles is Dustin Lowe’s attempt to bring his great grandmother’s untold story to life. Ruth Woods began the Civic Center located in Richwood, Ohio as a way to house the town’s rapidly growing aging population. The Center hosted Ohio’s very first Tetanus Clinic and has since expanded to include transportation services, entertainment, and outing events for the community. Told through the stories and memories of her daughter, Anita Davis, the memoir focuses on Ruth’s cheerful and hospitable life and her concern for the senior citizens in her community. At a time when very few communities began to think about services for retirees, Ruth’s dream became a reality when she took up the responsibility of creating housing for the area’s seniors. The book also includes her beautiful and well-written stories and poems. With this memoir, Dustin hopes to paint a picture of Ruth that people can look up to for inspiration.

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