The Founding of Richwood Ohio

Our very first episode focuses on the founding of the Village of Richwood and the main instigator of its creation, Philip Plummer. This episode was made possible thanks to W.H. Frank who was about 12 years old during the settlement of Richwood. The Richwood Gazette interviewed Frank around the 1900s. The articles have since been published as an eBook titled: A Voice From the Past By W.H. Frank. It is available at any major eBooks retailer.

Dustin discusses the life of Philip Plummer, and how he came about settling northern Union County. We also delve into the other early settlers of Richwood and the little information we have about what happened to them. The first businesses and buildings in Richwood are also alluded to. This information was obtained from the History of Union County, Ohio by W.H. Beers & Co. Various editions of this book is available at the Richwood-North Union Public Library’s Local History Room. All items contained in the History Room are not circulated.

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