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What’s the Difference Between Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing?

A traditional publisher will purchase the rights to publish your book and is then responsible for the final look of the book, the printing, and the marketing. With self-publishing, you pay a publisher to publish and print your book; in this case, us!

There are challenges and benefits associated with both traditional and self-publishing. For authors who sign with a traditional publisher, there is generally guaranteed payment and the sales and earning potential is significantly higher than self-publishing. However, the rights to their book are no longer their own and the publisher may demand various changes to the manuscript that the author may not be completely comfortable with. Self-publishing allows authors more freedom, but on the downside, there is no assurance that their book will sell.

How Long Does It Take to Publish?

After your initial book proposal is sent to us and approved, the Manuscript writing stage begins which can take anywhere from 4 to 8 months. Once you are completely satisfied with your copyedited final manuscript, we will enter the Production stage which can take around 5 months to create your final book for distribution and publishing. So all in all, this usually means that it takes about a year from the first idea to publication for us to publish your book.

What Will Communication Look Like?

We will communicate with you at every step of the process, from editing your manuscript to designing your novel and helping with marketing. We can contact you either through email or on the phone.

Will Dustin Lowe Publishing Be Spending Any Money on Marketing?

While a marketing plan can be developed, it will be up to the author to contact local businesses in regard to marketing and selling the book. Book tours and book signing events can be set up on behalf of the author. However, the author must provide us with the information necessary to set up the event.

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