How do I purchase a product?

Find the product you wish to purchase in the store, click the Buy button, and select your subscription or package. You’ll then be taken to our checkout page where you can log into your existing account to use saved information or register a new account. The checkout process is below the register area.

I Haven’t Received My Receipt Or Login Details?

The e-mail is sent the moment your payment is approved, and that should be almost immediately. If you don’t receive an email receipt or login information soon after, please contact us and we’ll check on your payment and account.

I Can’t Log Into My Account!

If you are having trouble logging into your account, please contact us and we’ll sort it out.

I Can’t Find My Products!

If you don’t see your purchased products on the My Account page, please contact us. If you have another account or bought a product on behalf of a client, be prepared to provide that information.

How Do I Buy A Product With My Existing Account?

Ensure that you are logged into the correct account before going to the checkout page. If you aren’t logged in, or you’re logged into the wrong account, please log into the correct account before starting the purchase.

Which Payment Types Do You Accept?

We currently accept all major payment cards and use Paypal as our payment gateway: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. All prices are in charged in US Dollars (USD) and this will be exchanged to your local currency by your bank or card issuer.

I Can’t Purchase Anything/There Is An Error At Checkout!

Please contact us, and we’ll be happy to find out what happened.

Where Do I Download My Purchase(s)?

Once your order is complete, a download link is shown in the Downloads tab of your My Account page, you will also receive an email notification with a download link.

How Do I Cancel My Account?

If you can log in and access your account, you are using for the Login process. Closing your account will close the linked account on this site. If you haven’t connected or you are unable to access your account – please contact us to help delete your account.