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The Rich Woods of Union County

A Comprehensive History of Richwood, Ohio

This is an up-to-date and comprehensive book about the history of Richwood, Ohio since its founding in 1832. It contains the history of the state of Ohio, Union County, Claibourne Township and Richwood itself. The book was made possible thanks to the various people of Richwood who took the time to research about the village as well as kept photos of Richwood's past. This was a collaborative effort made by the people of Richwood to keep its history alive and well.

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Tales Older Than Time

A Collection of Short Stories Set in the Past

Read the story of a journalist in France who finds a young woman threatening suicide. Find out what happens during one girl’s adventure at midnight to get help for her injured father. And exactly what sort of creature was observed by a ship full of sailors and their passengers? Each story is set in the Victorian era of the 19th century. Experience the eagerly-awaited collection of short stories that seem older than time.

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Dustin K. Lowe

Debut Author and Local Historian

Dustin is a debut author and librarian based in Ohio. He graduated in 2020 from The Ohio State University with a B.A. in English and a minor in History. He is currently working at his local library as the Historical Services Library Assistant. He has also volunteered at his local historical society where he helped with research, cataloging and writing for the newsletter. Dustin has currently written three books. His most recent book is called Tales Older Than Time.